How Do I Pick Up And Knit Stitches Along The Edges?

by Anonymous Knitter

pick up stitches along an edge of knitting

pick up stitches along an edge of knitting


How do I pick up and knit stitches from a knitted edge?


It is probably easier to show you how to pick up the stitches thought video rather than explaining it in words. In this video I'm using garter stitch example rather than the stockinette one. But the same technique can be applied to both any types of edges. I also found this picture tutorial to be helpful.

Just make sure to use needle with the size recommended to ensure the proper ease and gauge.

Here is the video I made for you on How to pick up stitches along the edge.

If you didn't see a video appear below, you can use this direct link;

I hope it helps.

Thank you for the question and happy knitting!


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