How to do garter stitch and chain stitch edges.

by Debbie

Question: How do I make garter stitch and chain edges?

Answer: Are these edges refer to one of my skirt? I did both garter and chain st edges on most of them.

Any how to answer to your question, the garter stitch edges can be done by knit all row for desired length. If working with circular needle and in rounds, you need to knit one row and purl one row alternately.

To make a chain st edge, you need an appropriate crochet hook and do the following;
*Chain 4, skip 2 sts, 1 sc into the next st; rep from * to end.

Sorry for the late reply, I just got back from Vacation. I'm planning to make a mini video for you when I get a chance. Please check back soon.

Thank you for the question,


Update 1/22/13

I'm finally done with the video on garter and chain stitch. Here it is;

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