How much wool (yarn) do I need to knit an Aran sweater?

by Lynne

I have an Aran pattern but it does not tell me how much wool is required. As it is an old. Pattern and that piece is missing how can I work out how much wool is needed?


Hi Lynne,

Thank you for your question. How much wool (yarn) do you need to make an Aran? You will need a lot of wool!

I've been looking at different Aran sweater patterns in magazines and websites. Here are my conclusions.

To knit a shorter Aran for women in a smaller size would require about 12 balls (50 grams) of wool, 13 balls for medium and 14 balls for a bigger size. It also depends on how thick the yarn or wool you will use. 50 gm of yarn can be very much different in length. I would suggest buying a few extra balls of wool. Just in case.

To knit a longer Aran, you'll need about 14-16 balls of 50gm wool.

Here are a few good suggestion for how much yarn (wool) is needed for knitting.

Amount Of Yarn Needed For Different Types of Knitting Projects A helpful yarn yardage suggestion Chart which you can download or just to take a peek at it Has a great information about yarn and knitting in general. Great patterns too.

I hope this information can help answer your question. Good luck with your Aran project.

Thanks for stopping by.

Ratcha Chambers

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