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Not enough stitches

by Renee
(Littleton, CO)


I am working on a new pattern and never seem to have enough loops on my needle to finish a row.

I have cast on 38 stitches as the pattern directs.

Row 1: k2, {M1, k2tog, (p1, k1)x5} x3

I never have enough stitches left on my needle to finish the row. Since the M1 comes before the k2tog I don't have enough stitches left to do 5 repeats of the p1,k1.

I have started and ripped this out so many times. I have tried to follow a knitting chart as well as written instructions. I can't figure this out.

Any ideas?



Hi Renee,

Thank you for the question and visit. Try using a pick up increase method for "M1" instead of "k into front and back of a stitch". This way you will have enough stitches to complete the row.


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