dropped stitches

by Judy Charbonneu
(Bloomer, Wisconsin)


What is the method to pickup dropped stitches on a garter pattern? I keep getting stockinette pattern on back side and the garter rows are too close together on the front side.


My method is to use the crochet hook that is about the same size as the knitting needle, so my fixed stitches turn out to be the same size as the rest. It's a little bit harder when picking up garter sts if you don't have a proper tool for it. But you can however manage with a crochet hook. If you pull dropped st through a loop toward you, you'll get a knit st. If you pull it from the front to the back of a loop, you'll get a purl st. make sure to keep your crochet hook in the center when pulling sts. When you're done fixing the dropped stitches, gently pull the piece up and down and side to side. This will make the stitches much more even.

I hope this will helps,

Thanks for the question,


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