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Wondering...How can I make the skirt fits 32 inch waist?

by Heather
(Durant, OK)

Question: Could you tell me how to make the adjustments to make this for a 32 inch waist? My 13 year old daughter really wants me to make her one. I am beginning knitter. I also would like to know how to make it longer,do I just add more tiers? Thank you. :)



Hi Heather,

You can adjust the waist to any size by multiply the waist size (in your case 32 inches) by yarn gauge (in inch). For example, if my gauge was 5 sts/inch, I would multiply 32 by 5. I then would get 160 sts. I would use this for my cast on st.

I think you're right about adding an extra tier to the skirt. I would make each tier a little longer and then repeat the second tier once more before begin the scallop pattern tier. Remember to decrease or increase number of sts to multiple of 13 before starting the pattern. I hope this helps.

It will be interesting to see how this turn out. Please let me know.



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