Picking Up Stitches

by Anne
(new york)


My pattern says to pick up and knit 105 stitches on the edge. I have tried numerous times but I can only pick up 81. I am going into every stitch. Any thoughts on what I can do?


Hi Anne,

This is a tricky part and it's not my favorite part of knitting. So, look like you need 24 more to get to 105. I would suggest increase a stitch every 3rd sts. during picking up. Skip the first 3rd and the last 3rd. because it will be too many. You can do knit and purl into a st method, or knit in to a little knot between sts. This should give you just about 105 sts. according to my calculation.

Sorry that you have to redo it but this is a part of learning. I did it many time. So I really do hope that this time it will work out well for you.

Thanks for the question.


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