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Commuter Fingerless Mitten - Starting the Flap


To make the gloves, I am working with #4dpns in the round. I am starting a flap that folds back over and buttons. When starting the cuff, the directions say:

Turn work so that WS is facing. From this point, cuff will be worked back and forth in rows

When WS is facing, my yarn is in my left hand and the row I will be knitting. This doesn't seem right. But, maybe that doesn't matter.?
The pattern is Commuter Gloves on
any help is appreciated!

Thank you!



Sorry Gale for late reply. You're right after turning work, your yarn will be in your left hand. Now you will have to work those stitches off your left hand and your empty needle will be on your right hand. Just as the pattern say, you'll be working back and forth in rows from this point on so there will be an opening for the flap. When you complete all the stitches for this row, you then turn work again.

I hope this makes sense to you. If it doesn't let me know, I will try to work something else.

Thank you for your question and happy knitting!


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