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Finished a Go Green Market Bag!

by Jan Clancy
(Edmonds, WA)

knitted A Go Green Market Bag

knitted A Go Green Market Bag

I was getting tired of knitting wash cloths and thought I'll try something challenging that was "Easy" to knit since Im a beginner. To my surprise, I did'nt think I would finished the bag! So here's the photo of the bag that I had done. Next I will be knitting a metallic scarf with hanging beads tied at each end.


Dear Jan,

What a lovely bag you made! You did such a great job as a beginning knitter. You're not beginner any more in my oppinion. You're pretty much like me. When I first start knitting I got bored at k and p so I looked for intermediate project to do. I love learning new stitches and love seeing the end result. It's exciting.

Thanks for the wonderful picture. I love the bag a lot. I've never knit a shopping bag before and now you're inspire me. Now people are going to ask you for the pattern for sure.

Have a great week!


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