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How Do I Pick Up A Dropped Stitch?

by A Knitter


How do I pick up a stitch I dropped?


I usually use a crochet hook or a knitting machine seed stitch hook which has a hooks on each ends. Many times when I made mistakes and had to rip a few columns off and then I reknit with my knitting needle. It is easier to see how to do it rather than me explaining. So I've collected a few resources for you to check them out below.

I found these videos and information to be very helpful describing how to pick up a drop stitch using different methods. Please take a minute to watch them and I hope they will help you.

Good luck with your project and thank you for sending in the question.


1. fix a stitch - pick up a stitch with a hook
2. Picking up a dropped stitch in writing
3. Pick up a stitch with needle
4. Pick up a drop st with a crochet hook

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