Thank you for a straight-needle girl's skirt!

by Kelly R
(Uniontown, PA, USA)

Skirt Front

Skirt Front

Hi - I want to thank you for posting a free pattern for a girl's skirt in straight needles (Lacy Edge Skirt). I am not as good a knitter as I am a crocheter, but I wanted to knit my friend's daughter a skirt, but all I could find were round needed patterns until this one. This is a combination 6th birthday/end of chemo gift, and I was starting to get frustrated about finding a skirt pattern with straight needles until I found this, and I think mine came out pretty good.

I made the skirt using Lion Brand Vanna's Choice acrylic yarn in Eggplant (color #145), especially poignant because they donate part of the proceeds to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Also, it was the only one our Michael's had that was the color I had in mind. For the ruffle, I went with another yarn, Red Heart Bouquet Sashay Metallic in Amethyst (Color #E782M-9949). It just so happened that our Michael's had it on sale in the color I wanted.

To bind off, I always knit using a crochet hook because I found it's easier to use the hook to pull one stitch over the other to bind off. So, instead of stitching on a lace at the edge of the skirt, as I bound off, I pulled up the ruffle yarn on the hook along with the skirt's yarn, so that the ruffle is knit into the bottom row of the skirt. I like that the lace edge can't be pulled off, and unless you look real hard underneath, you can't even tell how it's attached to the skirt. (I do want to point out that the edge that's normally considered the bottom when working with the Sashay, is the edge I put my needle into, so the ruffle fluffs more like lace).

I took some pictures. The sunlight and flash lightened up the pieces a bit more than they really are.

I can't wait for my little friend to get it for her birthday. We share a birthday, but 44 years apart. Hers is definitely going to be better than mine!



Dear Kelly,

Thank you for taking time sharing your knitted skirt and a story of a brave little girl with us. I wish you two have wonderful birthday celebrations. What a beautiful and touching story! I am tearing up right now.

The skirt looks wonderful and your choice of a ruffle is perfect. I can imagine your little friend in it with a big smile on her face:-). I Love it!

Have a wonderful day,


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