purling into back of stitch

by fran
(devon uk)

i am knitting an Aran jumper, i need to purl into back of 2nd stitch on needle after i have knitted the 1st stitch on the needle,

i have managed to work the pattern so it looks ok on the front but doesn't look right on back,
it's working a trellis pattern without using a cable needle.


Hi Fran,

Thanks for visiting and sharing your work with us. Sounded like you have done a great job on this trellis pattern. I have looked around the website for different trellis patterns. They seem to be all different and majority of them do require cable needle. This one you can knit without a cable needle seems fun to knit. You can surely save a lot of time.

I'm not sure whether you're asking me to help you with this trellis pattern or you just want to share your thought regarding the pattern.

If you needed my opinion on this, I need to have an idea how the whole pattern is written or see the picture of it, otherwise I might tell you wrong.



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