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How can "Yarn forward or YF" increase a stitch?

by Kim

Hello! On your skirt patterns for the increase rows it says "yf". I understand this means "yarn forward", to bring the yarn forward between the needles. What I don't understand is how this increases the number of stitches. I've always knitted into the front and back of a stitch or lifted the strand between stitches. Any help will be much appreciated. I would love to make one of your skirts for my granddaughter for her birthday.

Thank you.


Hi Kim,

Thanks for the question.
Normally we knit with yarn in the back of work. When we place yarn in front of work and knit, we'll have to bring the yarn over the working needle in order to wrap it around the needle. This creates a new stitch with a hole (eyelet).
Try it and you'll see how amazing it looks. Can't wait to hear from you more about the skirt and the birthday girl.

Best Regards,


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