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What does k1, p1, k1 in next 2 sts mean?

by Marie


I have knitting instructions that say to k1, p1, k1 in next 2 sts. I am at a loss as to how to do this. Please note, I am left-handed.
Thank you for any help you can give me.



Hi Marie,

Thank you for sending in your question. I had a little problem with uploading these two videos this morning. That's why it took long time to get back to you.

So to answer your question of how to do k1,p1,k1 in the next two sts, I made two videos for you. The first one is to do k1p1k1 for right-handed knitters. Then I felt bad that you may find it hard to understand, so I made the second one hoping I can better show you how to do k1,p1,k1 with my left hand! I hope it helps you.

Here are the videos;

If you don't see videos below, you can use this link;

K1,p1,k1 in the same stitch

K1,p1,k1 in the same st using left hand method

Have a wonderful everning!


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