Scallop Edge Skirt Help - Won't get 221 sts at the end of row 5.

by C.


HI FROM AUSTRALIA, i have tried twice to knit your beautiful scalloped edge skirt for my granddaughter but when i have finished row 5 of the scallop edge i never have 221 stitches I have a lot less. what am I doing wrong?


when I knitted this pattern, I found myself making a lot of mistakes.
A lot of time, I forgot to k2tog, or I forgot to do yf and many times I skipped k1, p1, passover.
So, basically you can be making mistake anywhere. Or you're not making any mistake but you
forget to count the yarn forwards as stiches.

How many stitches did you have after row 5 of the pattern?
Did you count both stitches and the yf parts? or Did you only count the stitches part.

Try knitting a few scallops on row 6, and see if you'll get 13 sts on each one. If not,
can you take a close up picture and send it to me? This way I can see exactly how your
work look like. I'd love to help you finish up the skirt for your granddaughter.



Hi Ratcha,

Thank you so much for answering my email so quickly. I have counted all the stitches yf ones as well, this is the second time i have knitted this and i am obviously doing something wrong, i just love the skirt i think it is so cute, you said in your email that you skipped the kl,pl passover many times i do not seem to have that in my pattern so i am sending you a copy, also in row 5 ,it says SI l Kl, psso, yf {kl yf} 5 times; rep from to the end. I think this may be where i am having the problem .

I am so sorry to be such a nuisance , i would just

love to knit it for her, actually she is my first great grand child.

Many many thanks



Hi C,

No, you're not being nuisance at all. I meant to say sl 1, k 1, passover. (not k1, p1, passover). Sorry about that. The pattern is right.
I'm thinking about doing a video on knitting scallop pattern on this skirt, so that you can use it to compare your work to mine. I don't have time to do it right now because the kids are home during the weekend. Might have to wait until Monday.
Hope you can wait.



Hi Ratcha

That would be wonderful to see the video, I will be waiting to see it thank you soo much.

Best wishes,



Dear C,

I'm finally had a chance to make the video for you. You can use it to compare to your work.
I sure hope this would help you. You can expand the video to make it bigger if you want.

Here is the video on how to knit a scallop I made for you;

If it's okay with you, I'd like to post your question and video on the website just in case someone else had the same problem.
I won state your name unless you allow me to.

Best regards,



Hi Ratcha,

thankyou so much for the video, I think I know where I have gopne wrong I haven"t tried it yet but I am sure I only did 5 yarn forwards, It was so nice of you to take the trouble to explain it, Ofcourse I do not mind you showing the video it will help others like me. Any way I think you have lovely hands and a lovely accent. Is it Thai, the reason I ask is that we have just returned from Thailand.

Many thanks and good wishes


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