How do I pick up sts and knit along left front edge of sweater?

by sharyn

Picking up sts and knit at right side left front edge

Picking up sts and knit at right side left front edge

Question:I have 140 sts along the front neck edge and down the front edge of cardigan sweater. My pattern says: "With RS facing, using straight needles, beg at neck edge, pick up and k78 sts along left front edge." Does this mean I will pick up almost (1.8) sts, along the 140 sts? I will round up to 2 sts until I meet the required 78sts. Does this sound right for the front edging of a cardigan sweater?

Hope to hear from some one soon :)



Answer: Hi Sharyn, Ratcha is here. According to the instruction, you will begin picking up sts at the beginning of the right front edge (see my poor drawing above). You do not need to pick up the neck edge part just yet. The neck edge will be done later on with circular needle after the front edges are completed. So for now, you'll need to pick up 78 sts evenly along the front edge only.

Here is an example of a YouTube video onhow to pick up and knit along an edge.

And here is my newly made video on picking up stitches and knit along the edge.

I hope this helps and best to you.
Happy knitting!

Ratcha from Learn Knitting Stitches

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