Question on the short skirt pattern (Baby Mia Double Eyelet Rib)

by Elaine


I'm having a hard time with the double eyelet rib pattern. I'm on Row 4 of the pattern and I keep coming up with one stitch extra. I've counted them and I have 2 purl, 5 knit all the way around until I come to the end with one extra. I've counted 91 sts and can't seem to find what I'm doing wrong?

Would love to make this skirt for my granddaughter but am running out of patience, please help!

Thank you so much,



Hi Elaine,

I am trying to figure out how you can ended up with one extra stitch if you had 91 sts to begin with. Did you skip a passover stitch on the third row? How do each column of the the pattern look after row 3? Are they all align in the right place?

If you couldn't find any mistake on row 1-3, then I would suggest making a p2tog at the end of row 4 to get rid of that annoying stitch. Then start from row one again and see what will happen.

I wish I were there with you, so we could look at your work together. Please keep trying.

Good luck,




Hi Ratchadawan,

Still trying to start the Baby Mia skirt and every double eyelet rib
pattern I find it says multiples of 7 plus 2, could that be the
problem? Should I be casting on 93 sts?

I went back to the site and noticed you mentioned changes to the
pattern since you were using circular needles, but don't think that
has to do with the amount of sts in the pattern.

Would really like to start this but can't rip it out again and again
since the Caron yarn is becoming frayed.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Thank you,


Hi again Ratchadawan,

I just finished again going from row 1 to row 4 and still ended up the
same with one stitch over. This is what I wrote down.

From Row 1 you have a 7 stitch pattern with 91 stitches which divided
comes out fine.
Row 3 is a 6 stitch pattern (at least that's what I got) and after it
you have 78 stitches left.
Working Row 4 which is another 7 stitch pattern (since the same as Row
1) does not go in evenly to the 78 stitches that you have left from
Row 3.

I think that is why I'm coming out with 1 extra stitch, if Row 4 had
77 stitches it would work.
So my question is, how many stitches do you have after Row 3? I've
done it now many times and keep coming out with the

same results. I'm
sure I'm wrong since you've done it, so I'm curious to see what number
you have after Row 3? All my passover's were done and could not find
any mistakes as I pulled it back out carefully and all the stitch
patterns were correct.

Thank you so much for your time, hopefully you come out with
something different.



Hi Elaine,

I'm very sorry, Elaine. I've miss your mail. Your address name was different than the first one and I didn't really look at my mail carefully. The kids are having Spring Break and answering mail is impossible when they're around.

Thanks for writing all these down for me. Now, I know what the problem is. I kept all my 91 sts until the increasing row. So, during the eyelet pattern all rows should have 91 sts.

On row 3, you should be working over 7 stitches-pattern not 6. (the 2 purl sts and the 5 knit sts)
The pattern goes like this on row 3;

"P2, k2tog, yf, k1, yf, sl 1, k1, psso; rep from * to the end"

Let's go through each one together and see how they will turn out after knitting them. I will write down number of stitches in parenthesis.

P 2 (2 sts), K2tog (will become 1 st), yf ( will become 1 st), k1 (1st), yf (will become 1 st), and sl 1, k1, psso (will become 1). Add up all the numbers in parenthesis together we'll get 7 sts.

Can you tell how you did you work on row 3 to finish with 6 sts? Is it possible that one yf was left out?

I think this will work out soon since we know where the problem area is .

Looking forward to hear from you more,



Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm on the right path now!

My problem was on the 4th row (obviously after finding out you have no
decreases on that row), after the slip 1 I was putting the yarn in
back to knit the next one and therefore losing a stitch.

Thank you for your patience in helping me, what a beautiful pattern.
We're on dialup internet access so pics are slow to send and receive,
but may be getting DSL soon and if we do, I'll send a pic of our
granddaughter in her new Baby Mia Short Skirt.

Glad you visited the website and thank you for the compliment. We've
been trying to build a small community for 6+ years but not many into
sharing these days. If you're ever out this way, stop by for a visit,
love to meet face to face.

Thank you so much!

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