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End Knitting In The Round With 3 Needle Bind Off

by Eva
(Sarasota, Florida)

3 Needle Bind-Off Method

3 Needle Bind-Off Method


I am in the process of knitting a toy and must end it. I have been knitting in the round and have 16 stitches remaining with 8 on 2 double ended needles. The instructions tell me to work 3 needle BO (bind off) on all stitches. How do you do that? I have never done it and need help!


Hi Eva,

Thank you for visiting and submitting your question. I'm glad I can help you.

I have an illustration on how to do 3 needle bind off at;

There are also many videos on youtube available as well.
Here are some example of videos I suggested for you;

Best of luck with you project and I hope this information helps you.


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