How do I knit intarsia on a circular needle?

by Barbara

Chart for cars

Chart for cars


I am knitting a boy's sweater with a row of seven cars around the bottom of the sweater. The pattern is knit on circular needles. I have knit intarsia before and didn't think how different it would be without purling every other row. I have thought of running the ends in after every row or of carrying the color around the whole sweater, fastening it into the back of a stitch every 3 or 4 stitches. The pattern never has more than two colors in use at a time. I would appreciate it if you can tell me the correct way of doing this.

I have attached the chart that I am knitting.


Dear Barbara,

I don't think there is the right way or the wrong way of doing this. It's a matter of personal preferences, I think.
With this repeated train pattern, It seems to me that it would be easier to carry the color yarn(s) along the whole sweater. This would be my choice if I had to knit this.

I wish you the best and thank you for your question.


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Apr 15, 2014
by: Barbara

Thank you, Ratcha. I think it would be easier to carry the yarn around the sweater too.

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