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Not Sure How To Read Pattern - Knitting A Baby Ponco

by Linda


I am making a baby poncho and have been following the pattern which consists of 10 rows for a check pattern design.
In order to reach the required length of 11 inches, I had to stop at the 5th row of pattern.
Now I have to divide for front opening and the instructions say:
Pat 62 sts. Turn. save rem sts on a spare needle.
Next row: K2. Pat to end of row.
Next row: Work even in pat. Rep.last 2 rows until work measures 13inches.

This is where I mess up. What do they mean by continuing last 2 rows until work measures 13 in. Which pattern do I follow, if I left off at the 5 th row of the 10 row pattern. Do they mean repeat rows 9 and 10 of pattern.My work does not match up at all.

Hope you can help..





Hi Linda,

Thanks for the question.

No, the pattern doesn't mean for you to follow the 9th and 10th rows of the check pattern, but to repeat the two "next row" mentioned after the division.

After you had worked the 62 sts and placed the remaining sts on a st holder, turn work and knit 2 sts for garter st edge, and follow the established check pattern to the end of the row. The next row: Work the check pattern to the end.

The two rows which you have to repeat are not meant to interfere with the check pattern, but to emphasis on the difference of making K2 at the beginning of the neck edge (or every other row).

I know it sounds little confusing. How about just forget about what the pattern says regarding following those 2 rows, instead keep working on your check pattern until you reach 13 inches and at the same time, KNIT the 2 sts at the beginning of the neck edge.

I hope I don't make this more confusing to you. Wish you the best and happy knitting!


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