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Confusing Knitting Pattern!! ("Make 1" stitches...)

by Amanda
(Eau Claire, WI)

I am a moderately new knitter, and am confused by part of the following instructions (shown in CAPITALS) in this pattern I am trying to do...

Row 2: K 3, p 10; *INSERT TIP OF RIGHT-HAND NEEDLE UNDER RUNNING THREAD BEFORE NEXT ST, LEAVING 1p ON RIGHT-HAND NEEDLE -- MAKE 1 (M1) MADE; p 1, M1, p 19. Rep from * 8 times more -- 14 sts rem; end M1, p 1, M1, p 10, k 3.

I went on youtube and found videos describing different kinds of "make 1" stitches...is this pattern telling me a specific way they want me to do "make 1"??? Should I just follow the M1 show on youtube? Do I M1R or M1L? I am so confused!!


Hi Amanda,

Thanks for stopping by.
From what I understand, the pattern tells us to make 1 by inserting a right-hand needle into a horizontal thread between the two stitches. Then it doesn't tell us how it forms into a purl stitch. It is very confusing! I think the pattern should just say Make 1 the way you like it. That's might be easier.

I think I know just the right M 1 for this pattern. Here is the link: Increase Knitting Stitch for purl Scroll down toward the bottom of the page where it say "increase knitting stitch for purl (pick up method)".

If you don't like the way it turned out, you can experiment other M1 methods from Youtube. All I care is that you're happy with your result. There is no right or wrong way of making M 1 here.

So, the simple form of pattern should read;

Row 2: K 3, p 10; *M1,p 1, M1, p 19. Rep from * 8 times more -- 14 sts rem; end M1, p 1, M1, p 10, k 3.

Best to you,


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