Pattern For 28 Stitches Hat In Short Rows

by An Anonymous Knitter


I started to knit a hat a few years ago. I've since found this hat but to no avail can I understand the directions. It's something about knitting 28 stitches on first row then you knit all but eight knit back then on next row you knit all but 6 stitches then you knit back. Does anyone have this supposedly simple pattern? My friend that got me started has passed.



Wow! I've never knitted a hat with this "short row" technique before. I always think of knitting hat in round starting from the lower portion up. This one you are making is starting with vertical section up and down from the center to the lower edge.

I've been looking but I haven't found the one you describe. I found this Tychus hat with a similar technique though.

Hope someone else find it. Happy knitting!


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