So Cute Cotton Candy Ruffle Skirt

by Patti K Koch
(Kingman, AZ)

knitted cotton candy ruffle skirt by Patti

knitted cotton candy ruffle skirt by Patti

Just made a few changes but it turned out beautiful using one strand of baby sport white and one of pink that is why I call it the Cotton Candy. Somehow I am having difficulty getting a picture of it on this page but they put it on another page.




Thank you, I got the photo of your cotton candy ruffle skirt! I'm so happy it works out this time. Thank you for your patience and kept on trying. I also got the ones in my email. I'm adding the close up photo here as well.

close up knitted scallop edge ruffle

closeup scallop ruffle edge

I love it! You did a great job adding more scallop edge ruffle. This photo reminds me of an antique skirt for some reason. I think the way it flares out. It's going to be so cute on the birthday girl. It's very lovely and well done.

Thank you,


Update: 1/24/2013
Patti just asked me to added a photo of a hooded poncho that goes with the cotton candy skirt. It is super cute!

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