Should I increase every row?

by Jan

outline of a vest pattern showing increasing front neck area

outline of a vest pattern showing increasing front neck area


I'm making pretty v neck vest with buttons in front. Could you tell me if Im reading the instructions correctly?

Cast on 84 sts
Shape neck:
Beg with Row 1 of pattern, and marking end of Row 1 for neck edge, inc 1 st at neck edge (every row) 32 times. (116 sts) Work even for 4-1/2 inches

Row 1: with MC, purl
Row 2: with Mc, knit
Row 3: with CC, k3 *sl 1 wyib, k1, rep from *, end K1
Row 4: with CC, k2 *sl 1 wyif, k1, rep from * , end k2
Row 5: with MC, k2, *yo, k2 tog, rep from *' k2
Row 6: with MC, purl
Repeat row 1to row 6

If i increase every row 32 times, i would have 276 sts!


Hi Jan,

I googled the pattern and found the vest. It looks very pretty.
You only need to increase at one side which is the the end of row 1 or the beginning of row 2 and so forth (see my poor drawing picture above). If you did this for 32 times, you should gain 32 more sts. And that should add up to 116 sts. Go ahead and knit for 32 rows with one end increase and see what happens.

Have fun with your vest!


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Mar 06, 2015
Vest Pattern
by: Ratchadawan

If you look at the first page of the pattern. There is a "Pattern Notes" Section that tells you how to do this.

Here is what it says;

"Pattern Notes
Decrease by knit or purl last 2 sts together as indicated by pattern. Increase by knit in front and back of edge stitch, except on Row 3, pick up and knit blue bar of sl st 1st in from end, and on row 5, work and extra yo."

I would suggest you knit a little piece of sample and play around with the pattern and the increase parts. I think you will get a better sense when you get your hands on it.

Best of luck,


Pattern Name: Blue Jeans Beach Vest by Kennita Tully

Mar 05, 2015
Vest - reply to your msg on Increase rows
by: Jan

Im glad you found the pattern. Ok, i will increase the last stitch on Row 1 only then knit rows 2 to 6. But, when i am at Row 3, 4, 5. Those rows are done in even numbers. So, how do I knit those 3 rows with a odd number? For instant, i cast on 84 st. Then i increase 1 st in row 1. Thats 85 sts. Row 3, 4, & 5 will not knit correctly. Do u have a solution?
Thanks again! : )


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