Gold On Yarn Problem

by Joyce kasler
(Hilliard, Ohio)

Gedifra Fashion Trend Gold

Gedifra Fashion Trend Gold


I have 3 balls of yarn given to me. Label says "Gedifra". It had spots of gold on it every so often that flakes off their minute you handle them yarn. It gets flakes of gold glitter all over your hands an flies everywhere. You would all most have to knit over a newspaper or something. What can you possibly do with this yarn? I am stumped an would appreciate any ideas. Thanks!


I don't really know what you can do with this yarn. Make a cute purse for a little girl who always seem to love glitters? or perhaps make a ball and let a cat play with it (if you have a cat off cause). Maybe, keep it for art and craft projects. You never know when you'll need to use yarn with gold.

If those gold flakes kept bothering you, maybe you can donate the yarn to a charity and let them decide what to do with it.

I haven't seen this yarn in real life but from what your description. I think it's this "Gedifra Fashion Trend Gold" in the photo above. This yarn has been discontinued and I can see why! I looked around and found that people used it to make all sorts of things like scarf, hat, jacket, purse, ect. See links below;

There was one complaint about the gold flake came off during frogging. See link below;

Thank you for sharing this otherwise I'd never knew about this type of yarn. And I thought gold is always good!

Have a blessing day!


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