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How To Do Four Stitch Decrease

Question: Please tell me how to do a four stitch decrease. The pattern I have is in error. I have never had to do four stitches, and would appreciate some help. Thank you.

Answer: I don't know the pattern's detail so I will tell you what the possibilities are.

- If the pattern said decrease 4 sts evenly on that particular row or round, you will need to divide those sts by 4 and do decrease where you need. (e.g. 120/4 = 30 = make 1 decrease at every 30 sts by k2tog on the 29th and 30th sts.)

- A four sts decrease at once can be done by passing over the 2rd-5th sts over the 1st sts on the right hand needle.

I think I really need to see the pattern in order to be sure. Is there anyway you can scan the pattern and attach it to me.

I really want to help you.


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