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joining live stitches from 2 needles

by Colleen


I need to join the shoulder straps of a knitted dress. How can I do this without binding off and then sewing them together? Just to be clear - I have 2 needles with 6 stitches on each, and I want to weave or knit them into a seamless shoulder strap on a baby dress.


Hi, Colleen,

Thanks for the question and the visit. I think "Kitchener Stitch" is a perfect solution for you. Kitchener stitch is a joining technique using a needle to weave yarn in certain ways which creates a seamless result. This technique is often used in finishing up socks at toe ends.

You can see the kitchener stitch technique at; Kitchener Stitch Instruction

or view video tutorials at youtube; Example of Kitchener Stitch Youtube Videos

I hope this helps.
Happy Knitting!


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