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Could you show me how to do MB (Make Bobble) stitches?

by Jan
(Edmonds, WA, USA)

Making A Bobble

Making A Bobble


Thank you so much for the video on the first 3 rows although i was able to see part of your knitting demo. The other parts were out of camera view. Much appreciation for your effort to video the new stitches.

I have another request for your help on how to do 'MB' which on 37th row in the Aran Leaf Pillow pattern. On top of first page demonstrates that MB is an abbreviation for:

(K1, yfwd) twice, K1 all into next st. Turn. K5. Turn. P5. Turn. Slip 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th sts separately over first st. Bobble made. One st remains.

It sounds complicated but I'm convenience i will be able to do these stitches successfully with your help. It'll be a great experience for me and others who may come across to do the same stitches.

Thank you again! Smiles



Hi Jan,

I'm glad your project coming along well. I just finished a video tutorial on how to make a bobble for you. It does sounds a little complicated, but I'm also confident that you'll be able to do it just fine.

Here is the video;
If the video doesn't show up below, please go to;

Have a great day!


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