Wrapping Technique When Turning At The End Of A Row

potatochip scarf

potatochip scarf

Question: Rustic Potato Chip scarf. What is the wrapping technique you mention to keep stitches together when turning.



Hello knitter,

Thanks for visiting and for the question. Wrapping is helpful when knitting short rows (turning work before completing all stitches off left needle) with large gauge yarn. Bigger yarn creates bigger gaps and wrapping will help shorten these gaps. It is like when someone on the right is trying to pull you away but you're holding on to someone on the left. It is totally up to you to decide whether you want to do wrapping or not.

In my rustic potato chip scarf, I did the wrap by slipping extra stitch to the right needle and bring yarn to the front before I turn my work. The wrapping technique is already included in the pattern.

If you feel you don't need to wrap yarn, you can just skip the "sl 1, yf" on the even rows and skip "sl 1" on the odd rows.

I hope this helps and that I didn't confuse you.

Thanks again for the question.


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