Easy Korean Yam Salad With A Touch Of Ginger and Honey

Korean yam (sweet potato) is a root vegetable that is very similar to a western sweet potato but with a more pinkish and reddish in skin color. The inner texture can range from white to light yellow. Korean and other Asian yams are very popular in Asia and now it becomes more available in European and Western countries.

korean yam salad with honey dressing

When I was young and living in Thailand, I used to help my mom grow yam. We would build many long narrow mounds of dirt. Then we would cut out the young vine into small section and then buried them into dirt mounds. The harvesting time was the most fun part because I got to pull out the vine and collect all those pretty little pink yam. I loved to cook it over a fire or buried it under a hot ash. When it cooked, the burned skin was removed and left with a delicious and sweet white meat. Whenever, I see sweet potato or yam at the market, I always think about those time with my mom.

You can buy Korean and Asian yam from most of Asian Grocery Stores and International Market Places.

So much for chatting. Let's get cooking.

Here is a recipe for the Korean yam with honey dressing:


1. 2 Korean yam, washed, peeled and cut into small cubes (about ½ inch square)

2. 10 thinly sliced ginger

3. ½ tsp salt

4. ½ cup low fat mayonnaise

5. 2 Tbs honey

6. Dash of roasted sesame seeds


In a medium sauce pan, bring water to a boil, add yam, ginger and salt. Cook it over medium heat uncover. Check with a sharp knife to see if the yam is done. If the knife goes through the yam easily, then it's done. Don't over cook it.

Drain the yam and gently rinse it with cold water. Set aside in a bowl to cool it down.

Mix mayonnaise and honey in a small bowl. Poor over the cool yam and mix it throughly. Sprinkle with roasted sesame seeds. Serve cold as a side dishes or appetizer.

* * End of Recipe * *

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