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Know Your Stockinette Stitch

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"Stockinette Stitch" or "St st" for short refers to a pattern stitch that has a smooth surface formed by knit and purl stitches.  When looking at a piece on the right side, we will see only knit stitches and only purl stitches on the wrong side.  To achieve the Stockinette st look, we have to "knit" on the right side and "purl" on the wrong side of work.  But, if we have to do it in rounds using circular knitting needles, we then only do the "knit" only.

I'm sure that if you go to your closet, you can find at lease on sweater with this type of pattern.  It's so common that you see it every day.  Next time when you go shopping, look around and take note of what type of knitting you'll find.  I love looking at knitted cables and laces.  It's fun for me.

Yesterday, I made a little video tutorial about St st.  I only did it on strait needle, though.  One thing I forgot to mention is that the wrong side of the St st is called "Reverse Stockinette Stitch" as you may guess.

How To Knit Stockinette Stitch Youtube Video

Knitting St st Exercise

Let's practice a little bit of garter stitches and stockinette stitch exercise.

Cast on 30 sts.

Knit 4 rows. Then follow pattern below;

Row 1:  knit.

Row 2: Knit 3, purl to last 3 sts, Knit 3.

Repeat row 1 and 2 until desired length. Knit 4 more rows.  Then Bind off.

Can you identify the "garter st" border around the piece? Do you know why I asked you knit garter st before and after work?  The answer is ...The garter st border helps prevent piece from forming rolled edges.

I hope your knitting is coming along well. Keep on practicing and have a happy knitting day!

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