Know Your Garter Stitch - What is it? and when to use it.

What is a garter stitch? A garter stitch is one of the many basic knitting stitches we find in knitting.  It is made up of "knit" stitches when working in rows, or knit one row and purl one row alternately when working in rounds.  The end result produced little ridges throughout the work piece.  I'm pretty sure almost all knitters started out making a garter stitch scarfs or a hats.  It is a simple stitch to do because you don't have to worry about changing to another type of stitch.  All you have to do is KNIT.

Garter stitch is widely use in all type of knitting.  It has a good reputation for making borders and edges to keep pieces from rolling.  I use garter st often when I finished out the edges of skirts and washclothes.

Image 1: Garter stitch knitted with cotton yarn

Watch How To Knit Garter Stitch On My Youtube Video below

Practice Knitting Garter Stitch Project

After watching this video, you can practice garter stitch patterns below;

Garter Stitch Dishcloth


1. A ball of worsted weight cotton yarn

2. A pair of straight Knitting needle size 8 US

3. Tapestry needle

4. A pair of scissors

Direction: CO 40 sts. Knit until piece turns square. Bind off knitwise as seen in the video.  Cut  off all loose ends and weave them behind work with tapestry needle.

Garter Stitch Scarf


1. 2 100g balls of worsted weight yarn of your choice

2. A pair of knitting needle size US 8

3. Tapestry needle

4. A pair of scissors

Direction: CO 40 sts. Knit until desired length. Bind off, cut and weave all loose ends. Attach tassels to each if prefered.

To make tassels;

Cut yarn into 12 inches strips.  Gather about 4 strips together and pull the middle part through the area where you want to attach the tassel.  You probably want to use a crochet hook to help pulling all those yarn through.  If you are having trouble doing the tassel, you can search youtube video for it.

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