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Boxy Dishcloth

by Lois

I so want to make this dishcloth but the first row stumps me ... it says "Row 1: (RS) Sl 1 kwise, *k2, p1, rep from * to end" I know how to do the stitches but when I Sl 1 and then knit the next stitch it drops the slipped stitch. HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPP.

Thank you,

Lois Smith
Sand Lake, Michigan

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Mar 23, 2018
Boxy Dishcloth
by: Ratchadawan

Hello Lois,

What type of cast on did you do? I think it might have to do with the type of cast on you made. Try a different cast on like knitted cast on or long tail cast on and then try the first row again. If your still drop a dropped st, then I would suggest you knit the first st on your first row only.

Thank you for sending your question.
Have a wonderful day!


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