Yon yfwd yrn

by Muna
(Jordan )



Hi ..I am knitting a leave pattern on a cardigan. For the yoke it starts with this row. (k7, * K3 tog., yon., K1, (M1, K1) twice, y.fwd., yrn., K3 tog., K13 * rep. from * to last 16 sts., K3 tog., yon., K1, (M1, K1) twice, y.fwd., yrn., K3 tog., K7)
Can you explain the difference between ( yon ) and ( y.fwd., yrn.) required in this pattern.

Thank you

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Jul 30, 2023
Clear instructions for YRN

I am 75 years old, learned to knit when I was 12 and never could use patterns containing YRN for some stitches, because all directions for YRN lacked clearly instructions for advancing to the stitch after the YRN!

Your video makes it clear and I am eternally grateful.

Many thanks.


Thank you so much Lorraine for your comment. I'm so happy that the video helps you. You made my day!


Nov 20, 2021
yon, yfwd, yrn
by: Ratchadawan

Hi Muna,

Yes, surely, I'm happy to tell you the differences between yon, yfwd and yrn.

"yon" or "yarn over needle" is the same as yo (yarn over). YON is when you knit a stitch while the yarn is still in front of work and the yarn has to be over the needle when knitting the stitch.

"yfwd" or "yarn forward" is when you bring the yarn from the back to the front.

"yrn" is when you wrap the yarn around the working needle one time and this creates one wrap.

On your instruction where it says "y.fwd., yrn., K3 tog., " has yfwd and yrn. This is where you have to be careful. The yarn has to be in the front of work and then it has to wrap around the needle once before you can proceed to k3.

Thank you for the question and I hope this help. I created a video to explain this to you and other knitters as well.

Have fun knitting!


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