YO Problems (yo, p2tog)

by Linda S.
(Pitt Meadows, BC Canada)

Please explain to rows I'm having a real problem with

row 1: K3,* yo, P2tog. repeat to end of row
row 2: K3, * yo, P the next st and the next yo tog. rep. to end of row

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Mar 09, 2016
Problem With YO (yarn over) Before Purl Stitch
by: Ratchadawan


I'm not quite sure what exactly problem you have. From looking at the pattern I think you may not have wrapped the yarn around the needle before purling.

Here is what you should do;

"Row 1: K3,* yo, P2tog. repeat to end of row"

First k3, then bring yarn to front of work and wrap yarn around needle once, then p2tog. Repeat from *yo, p2tog to the end of row.

"Row 2: K3, * yo, P the next st and the next yo tog. rep. to end of row"

It's the same as row 1. The only thing different from row 1 is that your p2tog are consist of one normal purl st and one yo st from previous row (row 1). Maybe the pattern writer want to make sure that you have those two together.

I have a video that I think it might be helpful to you. It's not exactly the same pattern, but it's very close. In this video I knitted yrnd, p2tog which is exactly the same as your pattern yo, p2tog. You can see yo, p2tog on the 2nd row of your pattern here too.
Yrnd (yarn round needle)

Thanks for the question and happy knitting!


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