Working with four or more colors of yarn in one row

How do you knit more than two, three, four or more colors in a row without having a knotted mess in the back?
I am making a Christmas stocking with multiple colors and the back of the work seems tangled and tight. The front is puckered.
Do you have any suggestions for this problem? I am changing colors throughout multiple rows.

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Nov 03, 2019
Working with more than four colors in a row
by: Ratchadawan

I haven't knit with that many color before. I think the trick is to make sure to twist the colors that not use often every 3 or 4 sts that you're working. Doing this with keep all the back looking neat.

I see from the photo that you have long strings of white yarn on the back. By not twisting the white yarn can create holes or puckered. Try weave that white yarn in every 3-4 sts and see how it look. Do the same thing with the colors that skip more than five sts.

Your stoking must be very lovely on the front. You stitches are very neat.

Thank you for sharing your work and question with us.

Happy knitting!


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