Understanding pattern directions?

by Kate Landon
(Ash, NC)

Pattern calls for "scallops (over 18 sts; a rep of 4 rows)" When I get into the body pattern, it instructs "Scallops Row 3 over 18 sts, p5, k5, p5; rep from *across, ending in Scallops Row 3 over last 18 sts.

What does "over 18 sts" mean? I don't know what stitch to knit for 18 sts. The pattern is a design by Ann E. Smith and the book has been discontinued. I'm unable to contact the author.


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Dec 19, 2020
Pattern direction
by: Ratchadawan

Hi Kate,

"over 18 sts" means you'll be working 18 sts for the scallop pattern and work the rest of the stitches as directed. In another word, the pattern has 18 sts. It would be helpful to place a marker before and after these stitches, so you know exactly where they are.

"Scallops Row 3 over 18 sts, p5, k5, p5; rep from *across, ending in Scallops Row 3 over last 18 sts."

As for the row above, you would start out by *working on row 3 of the scallop pattern for 18 sts, then p5, k5, p5.* Then repeat between *-* again and again until your last 18 sts, then work row 3 of the scallop pattern.

I sure hope this make senses. Thank you for sharing the question.
Have a great night!


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