Trying To Understand Directions on Row 3 & 4 of Adagio Shawl

Adagio Shawl With Collar

Adagio Shawl With Collar

Re "Adagio" pattern in vintage book 133 pictured in purple - shawl with collar. I have made this twice & all of a sudden is Greek to me. Please look at #3 . On 3 I understand YO & slip & assume no stitch is dropped but on 4 I wind up with an extra stitch. I know this is dumb but my brain ran away from home. I hope you can help me.

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Sep 16, 2018
SL st like P, then to K 3
by: Francine

I slipped the stitch like Purl, but then I swung my yarn back over ready to do the K3.

According to the video, you keep the yarn in front and it automatically becomes a yarn over as you do your K3.

I wish you put the count of stitches per row (especially rows 3 & 4), so I can be sure that what is being done is correct.



If you bring the yarn back after the slip st you won't have the yo on the next row to work with. You should leave it at front.

You should have a set of 2 sts (k, yo) and 3 sts (p3) for the 3rd row, not counting the border at the begining. I'm not sure how your border at the end is. And on row 4, you should have a set of 3 sts each (k1,yo,k1 and p3).

I hope this help,

May 09, 2016
Adagio Shawl Pattern Question Regarding Row 3 and 4
by: Ratchadawan

Pattern and Image source :

"3rd Row: *K 3, yarn over (y o), slip (sl) the next st as if to P, repeat from * across row ending with K 3.

4th Row: K 3, * insert needle through next st and y o and K 1, y o, K 1 in same st, sl both y o and st off needle (3 sts made), P 3, repeat from * across row, ending last repeat with K 3."

This is hard for me to explain in writing. It's easier to see how I do it and I feel better that way even though it might take longer to put it on a video.

I knitted a sample following the pattern, but shorten it down.
Here is a video on how to do row 3 and 4. I know you'd already knew how to do row 3, but since you mentioned it I might as well show it on the video too.

Here is a video I made for you. It might take awhile to finish processing.

Hope it all goes well!


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