Trouble Understanding Pattern - sl1, k2tog, psso, k4

Hello. I am a novice at knitting. The pattern states: to last 7 stitches. The following instructions read sl 1, k2tog, psso, k4. I think these stitches amount to 8 or 9 stitches not the 7 mentioned in the pattern.

Please can you exp!ain how the stitches are worked out.

Thank you very much.


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Jun 01, 2020
Trouble Understanding Pattern - sl1, k2to, psso, k4
by: Ratchadawan

Hello Mary,

Welcome! and thank you for your question. Let's look at the pattern below and see how many stitch there are.
"sl1,k2tog, psso, k4"

sl 1 is to slip a stitch, so there is 1 st in this.
k2tog is to knit 2 sts together, so there are 2 sts in this.
psso is to passover previous slip stitch, so there are no new sts here
k4 is knit 4 sts, so there are four.
Now, we can see that there are 7 sts altogether here.

Here is a video I made to explain some pattern and it has sl1, k2tog,psso in it. The sl1,k2tog,psso begins around 1:40 mins into the video. I hope this will help answer your question.

Have fun knitting!


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