The polo neck - how to read a pattern?

Dear authors, I wonder if you could help me to understand this: as far as I understand, I must knit first 5 times one sleeve, then 8 times a half of a bodice, than another one sleeve 5 times and than a bodice 8 tines again. I do not understand how should it work. what do I understand wrong? Thank you so much!

For the 40 inch.
With the right side of the work facing and using one needle from the set of four, rejoin the wool to the 2 sts. left on a thread for one sleeve top and (k.2, p.2) 5 times, k.2, working across the 32 sts. left on a thread (p.2, k.2) 8times, using the second needle and working across the 22 sts. left on a thread
for the second sleeve (p.2, k.2) 5 times, p.2, using the third needle and working across
the remaining 23 sts. left on a thread (k.2, p.2) 8 times. (108 sts.)
Divide these sts. on to three needles as follows:
30 33 36 on the first needle, 30 33 36 on the second needle, 32 34 36 on the third needle.
1st ROUND. *K.2, p.2, repeat from *to end of round.
Repeat the 1st round 37 37 37 times. Cast of loosely ni rib.

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Jan 04, 2024
the polo neck
by: Ratchadawan

Basically, you work 2 x 2 ribbing of k2,p2 along the neck line. Make sure to keep the pattern in k2,p2 as you move along.

With one needle of the four, Start out from the top of sleeve, join yarn and k2, p2 across 22 sts. Then continue ribbing across the front 32 sts. Get a second needle and ribbing across 22 sts from the left sleeve and then 32 from the back.

After you complete the above, divide those stitches on to 3 needles as directed.

Then work these ribbing in round for 38 rows.

I hope this makes sense.

thank you for the question. Have a great day!


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