The end of Shaping shoulders then going to left front

End of shape shoulder

How do I place 29 STS at each end of my needle onto a spare needle and centre 28 STS on a 3rd needle.

Left front

Cast on 58 STS

Do I cut the wool or start a fresh ball?

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Apr 06, 2022
The end of shaping shoulder then going to left front
by: Ratchadawan

I'm not sure if I understand the layout of the sweater correctly since there are many forms of sweater.
Normally you would do the shoulder decrease or shoulder bind off one end at the time. Once you're done with it, you would cut the yarn and start the other side of the shoulder with a new ball of yarn (or the leftover yarn that you just used on the previous shoulder).

I like to leave just enough yarn to sew or knit in the shoulder seams at the end. You can leave the tail about 4 times the length of the shoulder. That should be more than enough to join the should seams.

It also depends on the situation. If you're not sure at this time and you have a new ball of yarn to spare then you could use a new ball.
You can check the pattern and see if there is a need for not cutting the yarn at the shoulder.

Thanks for the question and visit. Have a fun day knitting!


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