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How To Make A Knitting Stitch Marker

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It has been awhile since I last bought stitch markers. They used to be quite thick and made out of plastic. Now there are so many different types to choose and they're cute too. I've seen many of pretty hand-made one all over the web as well. 

Making your own stitch markers is easy and fun. You can just pick and choose whichever style you want. It gives you a sense of pride and joy.

knitting stitch marker

I’ve always wanted to make my own stitch markers, but didn’t get a chance to explore what are available out there. I’m not a jewelry maker so I am not quite familiar with all the supplies and technique use in this matter. The last trip I made to Joann’s Fabric, I spent a little extra time on jewelry and bead isles searching for something suitable for making stitch marker. I found many shapes and sizes of jump rings which I thought would be perfect for stitch markers. (Jumpring has an opening but you hardly notice it. You can push two rings against each other right where the openings are and snap them together.) I picked up a few packages of these jump rings in two different sizes along with a bag of assorted metallic stars. Each star has a little loop on top. Those were only items I needed to get myself started on this little project. It only cost me a few dollars!

So why don’t give it a try and make you own stitch marker. You’ll be surprised what you can come up with. If you’re into jewelry maker, this should be a super easy project for you.

This was my first attempt and there wasn't any thing fancy to it. Here is how I made mine stitch markers.


1. Medium jumprings (about 1 cm in diameter)

2. Even smaller snap rings for attaching stars

3. Assorted starts

Left: Jump rings in two different sizes

Right: Assorted metallic starts with loops


Snap a medium jumpring and a smaller jump ring together at the openings. Attach a star to smaller ring. Snap a small rings to the same medium rings, then snap another small ring to the previous small ring. Snap a star to the last ring. You can snap and dangle as many rings and stars as you please. And that’s it.

stitch marker from broken earring

Here is another way of making a stitch marker using part of a broken earring. Pretty cool hah.

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