Shawl collar

I am knitting a child’s chunky cardigan with a shawl collar. The pattern states cast on 91 sts and work k1 p1 rib beg and ending k2. Work 4 rows then on each edge leave 6 sts on holder then also leave foll sts on holder 5 sts 4 times, 4 sts twice and 3 sts twice. I’m okay casting on and doing the 4 rows it’s the stitches on the holder I’m not sure how to go about

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Mar 17, 2023
Shawl collar
by: Ratchadawan


You work k1p1 for 4 rows. Then on the 5 row, work to last 6 sts, place the last 6 sts on a holder.
On the 6th row, work to last 6 sts, then place them on the holder.
On the 7th row, work to last 5 sts, then place them on the holder (repeat this row 3 more times)
Then do the same thing on the next and row but leaving 4 sts on the holder. (repeat once)
Then the next row, do the same thing but leaving 3 sts on the holder. (repeat once).

I think that how it should be.

Hope you get it to work out. Thanks for the question.


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