Shaping Neckline

by Lizzie
(Massachusetts )

My pattern says to “Pm before and after center 30 sts”. Does this mean mark 30 sts in from the left and then the right?

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Jun 08, 2021
pm before and after center 30 sts.
by: Ratchadawan

This means to place the markers between the center stitches of your sweater.

For example, toe mark the 30 stitch-center of 46 sts total you would work 8 sts, pm, work 30 sts, pm, work 8.

Divide the total number of stitches by 2. Then subtract 15 (1/2 numbers of the neck sts) to get a number sts before placing a marker on each side.

46 divided by 2 = 23
23 - 1/2 of neck sts (15) = 8, this is number of stitches you work before and after markers.

I think I make it more confusing but I hope you get the idea.

Thanks for the question and visit.

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