Replace ribbing, bottom to top

by Susan

I’ve realized that the bottom rows of ribbing on a sweater are knit too tightly. If I remove the ribbing so that I end up with my live stitches on the body, and reknit the ribbing I will end up with upside down stitches because I’ll be working top to bottom. If I knit a new stretch of ribbing, remove the old ribbing and attach to the body, my stitches will orient properly but I can’t figure out how to join two rows of open stitches. Help!

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Dec 21, 2021
Replace rubbing bottom to top
by: Ratchadawan

Hi Susan,

I would choose the first option making ribbing up side down. The stitches won’t look much different at all. I have some that with my hat and I still can’t tell the different just by looking. It’s easier than trying to figure out how to stitches them together in the right order. I have never done that myself.

You will be pleased with the up side down ribbing. Please give it a try. Just make sure to bind off with a larger needle so it won’t get too tight.

Thanks for the question. Sorry for the late reply. I’m on the road trip.


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