reading a chart

by Paula

pattern instruction

pattern instruction

The pattern says: Row 1 (WS): k5, pm, p1, pm, p1, pm, p1, pm, k5.
However, the chart says: Row 1: yo, k1, yo. And according to the chart, this happens starting on stitch9

So do I yo before the last k5?

Pics below

Thank you!


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Apr 08, 2020
Reading a chart
by: Ratchadawan

Hi Paula,

It looks like you work row 1 first without having to work the motif chart. This is a set up row.
Then on row 2, you start incorporating the motif chart into the pattern. Only work the chart when you see the word "work across chart".

Your work would look like this;

Row 1 (ws): k5, pm, p1, pm, p1, pm, p1, pm, k5.
Row 2 (rs): K5, sm, (work the chart row 1 - yo, k1, yo), sm, p1, sm, ( work the chart row 1 - yo,k1,yo), sm, k5.

Row 3(ws): k5, sm, (work the chart row 2- p3), sm, p1, sm, (work the chart row 2 - p3), sm, k5.

You keep moving your row up as you go. Your motif row will be a row less that the instruction row.

Thank you for your question. I hope you find this helpful.
Have a beautiful day!


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