Question Regarding Blocking Scallop Edge Skirt

by Sophia

Thanks for the pattern! I used rainbow-colored yarn and modified it slightly--200 stitches in 2nd tier and 299 in the 3rd, finishing with crocheted chain loops.

Now I'm wondering how to block it. If I lay it folded flat, I'm not sure that I can pin back correctly (esp. scallops from inside out). And it looks like laying it out in a circle may be stretching it too much in 3rd tier and wouldn't work in the top tiers. If I block it in sections, will it turn out uneven?

I knitted with 100% acryllic. (I know there's different opinions on blocking acrylic, but it looks like it needs it, so I want to try it).

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Oct 15, 2015
Blocking Scallop-Edge Skirt
by: Ratchadawan

Hi Sophia,

You're welcome! It sounds really nice knitting it with rainbow-colored yarn. Please do sent the photo in when you're done. I can't wait to see it.

About the blocking, I usually block my skirts laying them flat or in circle. I don't remember if I blocked this one or not but it I remember it came out pretty good without blocking it.

I would suggest blocking it flat making sure the front and back scallops are aligned in place on top of each others. Then pin front and back together at once. This way you at lease can be sure the back scallops will be the same as the front ones. if you had odd number of scallops, you will end up having one left by itself on the side.

Thanks for sending in the question and have fun blocking!


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