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by Mana

I want to know how to pick up and knit from garter stitch. ( in vertical)
Pattern: first stitch and last stitch are knitted every row, so outermost stitch look like a knot edge / garter.
Instruction says pick up and knit inside knot edge. I don’t know where it is and what garter ridge is.
Meaning of these below are right?
Valley = a space between knots
Ridge = knot

I hope you understand and give me advice. Thank you.

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Oct 17, 2022
Pick up and knit inside Knot edge of garter ridge
by: Ratchadawan


When you look at the edge of your knitting, you can see the knot and the flat line which you referred to as "valley" which seems to me that sounds about right. (I'm sorry that I can't tell you if that is the proper term but I'm sure you're probably right.)

The instruction wants you to pick up yarn right where the knots are. So, you can use a crochet hook to help or you can just insert the needle into each knot and knit through it. You can see my video below on how I picked up stitches along the garter edge. Instead of pick up through the flat line like I did, you would pick up through the knot. The video is just to give you an idea. Sorry for not very clear picture though.

I hope you'll get over the problem and continue working and finishing with your knitting.

Wishing you the best and thanks for sharing your question.
Happy knitting!


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