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Pattern reading help

by Laura
(Sydney, Australia )

Harlequin pram blanket

Harlequin pram blanket

Hi there, I'm struggling to understand what I'm being asked to do in this pattern:

K9, (Inc in next stitch, K6) 30 times, Inc in next st, K8 ... 259 sts.

I think it's asking me to knit 9, increase in the next stitch, knit 6 - do this sequence 30 times over. Then start on the next sequence of increasing in the next stitch, knit 8 onwards until end of row?

I'm just not confident in my interpretation.

Thank you for your advice and help!
Laura from Australia

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Sep 03, 2023
Pattern reading help
by: Ratchadawan

Hi Laura,

Thanks for visiting and the question.

"K9, (Inc in next stitch, K6) 30 times, Inc in next st, K8 ... 259 sts."

The parts that need repeating are in the parenthesis. (increase in next st, k6)

So, you first k9, then do (inc in next st, k6) and repeat what are in the parenthesis for 29 more times to get a total of 30 times. Then inc in next stitch and knit the last 8 sts.

I hope this helps.

Happy knitting!


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