Not sure on the number of stitches

by Marybeth Taft
(Tifton, Georgia USA)

I am attempting the twirly skirt. I’m not a novice but not experienced either. I have made baby mittens, hats and booties.
I have knitted to just below the first purl row of the waistband. It is measuring 29” and my granddaughter’s waist is 26”. Is that too much? Or is that ok?
Please help

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Feb 09, 2023
Twirly skirt
by: Anonymous

I have the skirt figured out but I want to also do the Feather and Fan summer top. I need it to fit my granddaughter who has a 29" chest. She is in the very early stage of developing. Please help. My other granddaughter is younger but possibly close to the same measurement.
Please help!.


I can't adjust the size of this top due to the complicity of the pattern. I have to rewrite the whole pattern and I can't do it right now.
Thanks for understanding.


Feb 08, 2023
Still not sure on stitches
by: Anonymous

Ok I am not sure what to do. I am using I love this Cotton yarn from Hobby Lobby. It calls for 5mm/8 needles. Your pattern says 6/4mm. When I used the 5mm and 118 sts it was 29" at the purl row of the fold on waistband. If I reduce to 4mm do I stay @ 118 sts or reduce to make 26"? I dont want to have to keep knitting 10 rows to measure and tear it out.
I am used to a pattern to tell me how many stitches to cast on.



Don't change the needle size. It'll make stitches too tight. Just cast on 110 instead of 118 and you'll get 27". That should be good. You gauge is about 4 sts per inch.


Feb 07, 2023
Twirly skirt
by: Ratchadawan

Hello Marybeth,

Thank you for asking. I’m glad you give it a try. I think the waist is too wide for your granddaughter size. It would fit better if you eliminate about 2 inches. The knitted fabric already stretchy.
This will help save a lot of yarn as well. Then at the end when you make up a waist band, you can cut an elastic band at 26inches (plus extra for overlapping).

Have fun making the skirt. I can’t wait to see the finish product.
Have a good evening!


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